New business connections

If you are an existing business, and are expanding, upgrading or changing your supply, we can help you administer your new business energy supply. We can advise, help and initiate new agreements with all the suppliers, whether it be gas or electricity or any other utilities.

If you as a business have a new Gas connection or an Electricity connection at your company just simply contact us! We can project manage the process or shadow your existing supplier, to give you peace of mind.

Our simple Central Power Quick Quote form will get the ball rolling for you in order to get your supply and metering up and running at a fraction of the cost of going through your host supplier.

We can make sure your gas or electricity connection comes through on time and at the proper price.

New Connections

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We can now arrange new High Voltage Electricity supplies and connections, supply upgrades, mains electricity alterations, along with switchgear installations via our associated and experienced team of high voltage engineers at Central Power Limited.


Contact us now for advice and help to upgrade, install or even remove your supply if necessary.

Our experience will give you peace of mind, so ring us now!