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Established in 1994, Central Power are one of the oldest Utility Brokers and Consultants in the UK.

We are passionate about British business. Whether you are a one-man band or a corporate multi-national our mission is the same: To cut your costs, improve your service and help you become more successful.

When the remaining Small to Medium Business market was fully deregulated, Central Power were able to offer their comprehensive service to any business customer.

Of course, trust is vital in a working relationship, so when you ask for Central Power's people and skills - that's exactly what you get. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Whether your enquiry is about the best Electricity or Gas Billing for your company, help on new Power Installations or Domestic and Commercial Energy Surveys, Water Surveys, just contact us for a friendly personal service and response.

We now invite you to join our growing list of successful clients.

We are Members of Shropshire Chamber of Commerce & Enterprise and also the Utilities Intermediaries Association (UIA).

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Central Power is an approved member of The Utilities Intermediaries Association (UIA) who meet and continue to meet the association’s requirements and agree and operate to the Code of Practice, which was compiled with advice from the Office of Fair Trading. The UIA is currently the only trade association for energy brokers and consultants (Tpis) and operates the only industry code for Tpis at this time. The UIA maintains a process whereby users of their service who become dissatisfied can seek redress via an independent redress scheme. The Code can be found at http://www.uia.org.uk/code_of_practice.htm.

By signing to the Code of Practice, Central Power is offering a, reliable, ethical and honest service to our customers. We will tell you where our income comes from and what we will do for that income. We will offer you the best deal that we can obtain taking into account your requirements and will do our utmost to resolve any issues that may arise in the process. If appropriate we will seek to resolve any issues through the industry Ombudsman on your behalf.

Through the UIA we have access to the industry regulator; Ofgem, and have input to the industry consultations which shape the market. Consumer Focus recognise the members of the UIA by having a direct link from their website section “Help and advice for business” to the UIA’s approved members page. Central Power as an organisation has such conviction in our service that we are signed to the UIA code because we believe that our clients should have confidence and peace of mind - after all why should you settle for anything less!

Central Power & Bridgnorth Rugby Club

Central Power are Proud Sponsors of Bridgnorth Rugby Club's 2013/2014 season in the Midlands West Division.


 Bridgnorth Rugby Club Sponsored by Central Power

Bridgnorth Rugby Club Sponsored by Central Power



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