Business gas savings

Gas prices have been high in recent years but owing to the discovery of new resources, they are forecast to remain fairly constant in near future.

UK Business Wholesale Gas Prices are determined in a traded market where the price is set by the marginal gas transaction. When the first pipeline between the UK and continental Europe was opened in 1998 a link was established between UK Commercial Gas Prices and the oil-indexed prices in continental Europe. 

The introduction of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) to the UK adds a more global component to UK gas prices. In the future, the UK will be competing with US and Asian markets for LNG cargoes that can, to some extent, switch between destinations across the globe.  The UK natural gas market, therefore, faces a paradigm shift both in supplies, a move from domestic gas production to global imports, and in prices, with a growing link to global gas and oil prices.

In the short term, the warmer winter has meant gas stocks have not been completely depleted, however, the ongoing impact of the coronavirus will still mean that there will be fluctuations in the market for some time yet.

Market forecasts are that Gas prices are unlikely to change much over the next 3-4 years so now could be a good time to cover forward.

All businesses depend on energy to operate efficiently. However, too often businesses find themselves on costly gas bills that don’t suit their needs. The great news is that it is straightforward to compare business energy quotes to discover a cheaper deal online or over the phone.


Why use Central Power to buy business energy?

  •         We can compare business gas suppliers with your business’s particular requirements in mind, helping you cut energy costs.
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  •         We give you an unbiased understanding of the commercial energy market and of what is needed for your business’s particular obligations.
  •        The top business energy contracts last for set periods of time – we can actively examine your account and assist you to make extensive savings.


At Central Power, we’ve built strong partnerships over the past 27 years with trusted business energy suppliers, giving you instant access to incredible energy deals.

Since 1994, we’ve helped numerous customers enjoy big savings on their business gas bills by helping them to switch to cheaper gas tariffs. It’s one of the reasons why we have been in business so long as one of the oldest Utility Brokers and Consultants in the UK. 

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