Business electricity savings

Some UK Businesses are now returning from lockdown, and others have worked all through the pandemic, but most companies have encountered steady or increasing margins on their return, mainly owing to post-pandemic shortages.

The UK electricity market has also been steadily rising over the last 15 to 20 years.

At present, the percentage of the total UK energy price that businesses pay for is 50% for the actual energy, and 50% for transmission, and distribution charges and additional third-party charges (government-led initiatives).

Central power monitor these increases and obtain daily market reports to give our clients the best possible long-term prices and booking advice.

These “third-party charges” are mainly made up of Distribution Use of System charges (DUoS) and transmission use of system charges (TUoS). These costs put simply are the cost of getting the electricity across the UK grid to the client. In addition, the UK government have steadily brought in several “Green charges” including the renewable obligation (RO) the feed-in tariff (FIT) and the climate change levy (CCL).

All of these charges are pursuant to the governments anticipated aim of 0% carbon by 2050, and new charges are appearing too, including Contracts for difference (CfD) and other Capacity costs.

More recently the government has committed us the UK to reducing Carbon by 78% by 2035.

All this will have an impact on prices. 

The government, through OFGEM, have also brought in the Targeted Charging Review (TCR) which basically charges all commercial customers the same price for their distribution and transmission charges. Previously larger companies could alter their production to avoid these extra charges. This review comes into force in April 2022.

While our view is of an electricity market always rising there are also some ways to offset this effect by solar and various other methods, including voltage optimisation.

All companies depend on energy to work effectively. However, too often businesses find themselves on overpriced electric bills that don’t fit their needs and wants.

The great news is that it is a simple process to compare commercial electric quotes to find a reasonably-priced deal online or over the phone.


Why use Central Power to buy business energy?

  •      Central Power offers specialist gas and electric brokering and advisory services to businesses running across a broad variety of industries.
  •      We have substantial expertise and knowledge of the processes used by energy suppliers, from buying and estimating strategies through to billing practices and are consequently well-equipped to source reasonable prices for clients without compromising on anticipated service requirements.
  •      As well as this, all customers utilizing our services are supplied with well-managed assistance throughout the lifespan of a contract at no further cost, guaranteeing that, should the necessity come up - any provider request can be settled swiftly and effectively.


At Central Power, we have built strong partnerships over the past 27 years with trusted business energy suppliers, giving you instant access to incredible energy deals.

Since 1994, we have helped numerous customers enjoy big savings on their business gas bills by helping them to switch to cheaper electric tariffs. It’s one of the reasons why we have been in business so long as one of the oldest Utility Brokers and Consultants in the UK.

We can track your prices going forward, and give solid advice and perform energy audits if necessary or by request.

Please click here to Contact us at Cental Power for guidance on electricity contract booking and forward prices.

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