First Biomass Factory Air Heaters installed!

These Biomass Factory Heaters are supplied through Central Power (Bnorth) Ltd. This was the first of many blow heaters installed last week in Willenhall, West Midlands. These heaters will now enable more British factories to heat themselves through renewable resources and more importantly, they also comply with the Govt RHI Scheme.

MD Geoff Davies said "This gives our industrial clients a chance to join in the Renewables revolution, as many of our agricultural clients have already  taken full advantage of the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) scheme. We have been looking for some time for a way to help engineering and industrial customers to get back the resources they pay out on the Renewable Obligation and Feed in Tariffs included in their billing."  

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UK Gas Prices Hit Record Low

Wholesale gas prices have fallen by around 23% over the year so far, the strongest drop being caused by Russia and Ukraine signing a deal to guarantee the security of gas supply.

National Grid warns of Lower Capacity this Winter

National Grid has said recently that they will be running at a lower capacity threshold of 4%, compared to 5% last year and closer to 17% just three years ago. This reduction in capacity is mainly due to the closing of around 15 power stations since 2012.

They were quick to make clear that there would be no threat of blackouts and that provisions were being made including paying large energy users to switch off during cold winter nights.

If you are concered about the amount of energy you are using, please contact us and we may be able to help you to reduce your usage.

Biomass Air Heaters arrive this week for delivery!

PONAST Biomass Factory Heater

Central Power are marketing RHI compliant Air Heaters to their West Midland Industrial clients and their Border Counties Agricultural customers. The first heaters are due here this month ready for installation. Contact us on 01746 761321 for more details.

New Biomass Central Power Installations

Forward thinking consultants and brokers Central Power now have 3 current installations in the Biomass market.

One Domestic Biomass boiler is now up and running, 2 Industrial and Commercial sites, one of which is completed, and we also have 12 x 50 watt Biomass fired factory heaters being installed in Wolverhampton area soon.

The I & C Renewable Heat Incentive rate has just been lowered for Biomass from 8.4 ppkwh to 7.56 ppkwh . There are rumours of a further drop in January 2015, perhaps 20%!

If you would like to take advantage of this government incentive, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01746 761321.

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