Energy Intermediary CoP Gains More Supplier Support

With all the activity in the markets at present and the findings in the recent review by Cornwall Energy on "Business and broker interaction in the energy market," it is hardly surprising that suppliers are beginning to pay more attention to Tpis. The Utilities Intermediaries Association (UIA) aims to protect all business energy customers using Tpis by ensuring that members abide by its code or answer to an independent redress process initiated by the customer, which constitutes part of the contractual agreement members enter into when signing to the UIA code. The UIA is pleased to announce that two more supplier members are endorsing its efforts bringing the total number to five and having this to say:

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Government vs Suppliers

The disagreement between energy suppliers and the government on the rising costs of energy bills rages on, with Scottish Power saying this week that schemes such as the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) have doubled in cost over the past 12 months. Scottish Power has said that because of these schemes, they cannot rule out any price rises.

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