Ten Reasons You Should Use a Business Energy Broker Instead Of a Price Comparison Site


The Whole Picture

When people look for a business electricity-broker or even a business gas and electricity broker certain things are very import, in addition to just the price.

Save Time

Firstly, In the modern business scenario time is very tight. Your energy broker has to be someone you can trust, and in tune with what the business is doing, or what the business is trying to do.

Impartial Advice

If a company uses a business electricity broker or a business gas broker to be successful, the broker has to have a good understanding of the business, and have your interests at heart.

Personal Experience

A good business electricity broker can give you the benefit of his other commercial and business contacts and relay to new clients their experiences, which can benefit customers.

Billing Advice & Help

All experienced business gas and electric brokers can assess the actual billing on-site or off-site and may even suggest improvements that the client may not even be aware of.

Stop Confusion.

The Energy business is one where “everything is changing all the time” and a good business electricity and gas broker will be aware of all the latest news and what it means to you.

Easy Open Approach

A business electricity broker should be able to offer more than just money saved on bills, and in the case of Central Power (Bnorth) Ltd we can offer other easy benefits such as solar energy and voltage optimisation and many other money saving projects.

Positive Personal Help.

On a price comparison site, there is very little come back on booked prices, once they are put into the system, but if you deal with an electricity broker, he, or she, can help clients to adjust their deal and contracts and then negotiate different payment methods.

Talk To a Real Person.

Some Central Power (Bnorth) Clients have used our business gas and electricity brokerage for up to 20 years, so we must be doing something right!

Peace Of Mind.

By their nature, good electricity brokers, simplify the energy purchasing process, issuing terminations, collecting prices and making sure everything is in place for successful businesses.

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