Does Renewable Energy Save Money? The Top Seven Benefits Of Renewable Energy Every Business Should Consider



Businesses are increasingly looking for more renewable sources of electricity. If you are thinking about switching to a renewable energy supplier, take a look at some of the benefits that you could enjoy:


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1. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Along with reducing your business’s energy costs, changing to a renewable energy supplier will help lower your carbon footprint. This can form an important part of meeting your company’s own carbon targets and supporting
the UK government's CRC, or Carbon Reduction Commitment.

2. Improve Marketability For Your Business

People are becoming more environmentally and socially aware and are looking for businesses that share their values. This means that you can use your commitment to renewable energy as a valuable marketing tool.

3. Enjoy A Sustainable Source Of Energy

This is a source of energy that simply won’t run out. Fossil fuels will not last forever, but we will never live in a world without sun, wind, heat from earth, or moving water.

4. Help The Economy

Changing to a renewable energy supplier can make sound financial sense for your business as it's a well-known fact that renewable energy saves money. Increased demand means that the costs of making the switch have reduced and the benefits can far outweigh any initial investment. These include the costs of using the electricity grid and a reduction in the amount of system maintenance required.

5. Boost Business Profits

Not only can you reduce outgoings and save energy on renewables, but you could also actually make a profit as a direct result of energy generated by your business. You can sell the energy that you make, but don’t use, to the grid.

Making your own energy means that you also have direct control of your business’ energy prices and you no longer have to be reliant on big electricity providers. So, stop asking the question ‘does renewable energy save money?’. There is no doubt that it can if implemented correctly!

As well as your own business, renewable energy is good for the UK economy. This is because it is a job creation industry. It is a more labour-intensive industry than those involved with fossil fuels, leading to more real people doing the work instead of machines. It also removes the need to buy oil from overseas, reducing the country’s dependence on foreign suppliers.

6. Reduces Pollution

Renewable energy is effective at cutting the air pollutant emissions often associated with most burning processes, including sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, particulate matter, and volatile organic compounds. Not only does this make the environment safer for everyone, but it could improve your reputation and marketability, as mentioned earlier.

7. Minimises Health Risks

Following on from the point above, an improvement in air quality also has a positive impact on human health, potentially helping to reduce cardiac and respiratory issues.

To find out more about the benefits of switching to a renewable energy supplier for your business, contact us at Central Power today.

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