E.ON Offering 5 Years of Free Electricity with new Electric Car

E.ON will offer five years of free solar power for buyers of its new electric vehicle (EV).

The Big Six energy supplier is working with Swedish auto manufacturer Uniti to develop the Uniti One car, which is expected to be unveiled in 2019.

The car's €15,000 (£13,250) price tag will include the free energy, which E.ON says could carry its passengers a distance of around 60,000 kilometres.

The EV's range is predicted to be between 150 and 300 kilometres, with enough power for 200 kilometres to be chargeable in just 30 minutes.

Uniti plans to produce 50,000 of the EVs per year in the Swedish city of Landskrona, having already taken more than 1,000 orders.

Frank Meyer, Senior Vice President of Solution Business and Innovation at E.ON, said: "With a combination of innovative technology, low cost purchase price and E.ON solar power for five years, our customers will find it easier than ever to get started in electric mobility."