Sastak/Central Power Partnership Press Release



Central Power (Bnorth) Ltd are now installing these superb Biomass-driven Air Heaters into the West Midlands Industrial and Border Counties Agricultural sector for purposes such as intensive crop production, along with other  Industrial and Commercial areas – see our attached brochure.

The machines have peak outputs of 50Kw to 80 Kw, and qualify for the Government RHI scheme, and as such RHI payments are index linked and guaranteed through OFGEM for 20 years,

much as the existing Biomass Driven boilers used for Poultry and other Farm heating systems.

If Sastak members do have the need for background heat in any of their many agricultural processes, then these machines are ideal for this purpose.

They are a much lower cost alternative to Kerosene and Bottled Gas, quite apart from the cleaner, greener benefits accrued for this type of heating.

So if you think you have a need for this technology, please do get in touch with us for a free demonstration, analysis and quote.