Energy UK Warns That Household Bills Could Rise By 50% Over Six Years

The energy trade body, Energy UK, has warned that household bills could rise by another 50% over the next six years, with the chief executive blaming government policies and network costs for increases.

This comes as senior executives from RWE and another major power company said they believed that security of supply was more important than affordability.

Angela Knight, the chief executive of Energy UK, defended the sector and argued that the UK had the lowest gas price in the European Union and one of the lowest electricity costs. But she said the "old trilemma" of decarbonisation, energy security and affordability meant there was relentless upward pressure on prices.

The warning comes at the same time as a new report by the National Audit Office (NAO) estimates there could be an increase of 18% in household energy bills between now and 2030.

Five of the big six energy suppliers have already announced price increases on their tariffs, with E.On set to follow. (Source: The Guardian)

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