Green Energy To Cost Consumers £400 Over Next Five Years

Leading campaign group Taxpayers' Alliance has claimed the government's push to use more green energy in order to meet EU targets will cost a total of £22 billion by 2020. The push for green energy is down to EU regulation stating a minimum percentage of 20% of all member states energy must be produced in such a fashion by 2020. The £22 billion in subsidies will be paid by consumers and businesses through their annual energy bills; divided equally, this equates to a figure of £425 per household according to the Taxpayers' Alliance study.

Dr Lee Moroney of the Renewable Energy Foundation, said: "Government subsidies which are added to electricity bills in order to meet over ambitious EU climate change targets are complex, opaque, and very expensive for the consumer. The subsidy costs are set to increase significantly and will last 15 to 25 years." 

A government spokesman hit back at the campaign groups research though, suggesting there are many reasons for the increase in energy bills - with green subsidies not the primary reason. He said:

"The Government is transparent about the impact of energy and climate policies on bills. It's the global gas price, not green subsidies, that has primarily been pushing up energy bills. 60% of the increase in household energy bills between 2010 and 2012 was caused by this. Investing in home-grown alternatives is the only sure-fire way of insulating our economy and bill payers from this volatility."
(Source: The Telegraph)

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