Energy Intermediary CoP Gains More Supplier Support

With all the activity in the markets at present and the findings in the recent review by Cornwall Energy on "Business and broker interaction in the energy market," it is hardly surprising that suppliers are beginning to pay more attention to Tpis. The Utilities Intermediaries Association (UIA) aims to protect all business energy customers using Tpis by ensuring that members abide by its code or answer to an independent redress process initiated by the customer, which constitutes part of the contractual agreement members enter into when signing to the UIA code. The UIA is pleased to announce that two more supplier members are endorsing its efforts bringing the total number to five and having this to say:

"Crown Gas & Power understand the pivotal role that third party intermediaries play when seeking the best energy deals for customers. The code of conduct that the UIA adheres to promotes transparency which in today's complex market is paramount. Crown Gas & Power are delighted to be a member of the UIA."

"DONG Energy Sales is delighted to become a member of the UIA, an organisation that champions honesty, integrity and transparency in the third party sector. We value the relationship we have with our customers and strive to give them every confidence in the brokers and consultants that we partner with."

In addition to working with suppliers inside the Trade Association, there is also interaction with non-member suppliers and over the past several months the UIA and Eon have been negotiating around Eon's Tpi agreement and the UIA CoP. An arrangement has been reached whereby Eon recognises the UIA code as an alternative to the Tpi Code and UIA members will be neither deemed nor obliged to sign the Eon sponsored Tpi Code in order to trade with them. This has been no small achievement and it underlines both the UIA's and Eon's commitment to work for the benefit of the consumer. (Source: UIA)

Central Power are members of the UIA.

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