Government vs Suppliers

The disagreement between energy suppliers and the government on the rising costs of energy bills rages on, with Scottish Power saying this week that schemes such as the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) have doubled in cost over the past 12 months. Scottish Power has said that because of these schemes, they cannot rule out any price rises.

This statement by Scottish Power echoes words from npower last week that green policies will be the principal reason for price rises for the next 5 years. Paul Massara, Chief Executive at npower called for an end to this blame game between politicians and suppliers saying it led to ““confusion, mistrust and misinformation”

These statements are both contrary to the view of the government. Greg Barker, minister for energy, said that it is global gas prices and the inefficiency of UK households that were to blame for the rising cost in bills and said that households were saving £65 on average due to the lower reliance on fossil fuels. He claimed that this saving would rise to £166 by 2020.

The debate continues.

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