Eon offering 5 years of free electricity with new ELECTRIC CAR!


  1. ON to offer five years of free solar with new EV

Dec 12, 2017 Low Carbon, Top Stories 0

Image: E.ON
  1. E.ON will offer five years of free solar power for buyers of its new electric vehicle (EV).

The Big Six energy supplier is working with Swedish auto manufacturer Uniti to develop the Uniti One car, which is expected to be unveiled in 2019.

The car’s €15,000 (£13,250) price tag will include the free energy, which E.ON says could carry its passengers a distance of around 60,000 kilometres.

The EV’s range is predicted to be between 150 and 300 kilometres, with enough power for 200 kilometres to be chargeable in just 30 minutes.

Uniti plans to produce 50,000 of the EVs per year in the Swedish city of Landskrona, having already taken more than 1,000 orders.

Frank Meyer, Senior Vice President of Solution Business and Innovation at E.ON, said: “With a combination of innovative technology, low cost purchase price and E.ON solar power for five years, our customers will find it easier than ever to get started in electric mobility.”

Stark add cost function for Central Power


Stark, the well known Data Collector (DC) have re-jigged their website and launched the cost analysis function.

Central Power can now offer this feature in their portfolio of features to help their clients save money and make better decisions.

Sastak/Central Power Partnership Press Release



Central Power (Bnorth) Ltd are now installing these superb Biomass-driven Air Heaters into the West Midlands Industrial and Border Counties Agricultural sector for purposes such as intensive crop production, along with other  Industrial and Commercial areas – see our attached brochure.

The machines have peak outputs of 50Kw to 80 Kw, and qualify for the Government RHI scheme, and as such RHI payments are index linked and guaranteed through OFGEM for 20 years,

much as the existing Biomass Driven boilers used for Poultry and other Farm heating systems.

If Sastak members do have the need for background heat in any of their many agricultural processes, then these machines are ideal for this purpose.

They are a much lower cost alternative to Kerosene and Bottled Gas, quite apart from the cleaner, greener benefits accrued for this type of heating.

So if you think you have a need for this technology, please do get in touch with us for a free demonstration, analysis and quote.

Central Power In Partnership with Giving Websites

Energy Consultants and Brokers, Central Power (Bnorth) Ltd, have launched their brand new website, to show businesses how their services could help them to save money on many of their energy bills. The professional-looking website has been both designed and built by well established website design agency: Clickingmad Ltd, based in Shropshire through their Giving Websites project.  

central powerCentral Power (Bnorth) Ltd are independent electricity consultants and brokers based in Shropshire, allowing them to give impartial advice to their customers. They can provide advice on electricity and gas and have recently started working with renewable energy such as Solar and Biomass with great success. They are part of Giving Websites, allowing them to support their local charity Shropshire Wildlife Trust as well as having a new fully functional website.

Shropshire Wildlife Trust, part of the Wildlife Trusts Group of charities, looks after 38 nature reserves, campaigns for wildlife and the environment, inspires young and old to enjoy nature and involves volunteers in all its work.

Geoffrey Davies, Managing Director at Central Power (Bnorth) Ltd comments ‘We are very pleased with our new website, and the fact that we can support a local charity at the same time is a bonus and it is at no extra cost to us. We would strongly recommend other businesses joining the Giving Websites project and seeing the benefits.’

John Hughes, Development Manager of Shropshire Wildlife Trust said ‘Having the support of Central Power every month is very important to us and being a local business we are able to build a close relationship with them.’

The launch of the new website is set to showcase their wide range of services, and to reach businesses who may want to reduce their utility bills. The site also allows customers to reduce their domestic billing, along with finding out about possibilities for renewable energy. The Shropshire Wildlife Trust logo is proudly displayed on the site to show that Central Power’s Corporate Social Responsibility is being fulfilled every month.

First Biomass Factory Air Heaters installed!

These Biomass Factory Heaters are supplied through Central Power (Bnorth) Ltd. This was the first of many blow heaters installed last week in Willenhall, West Midlands. These heaters will now enable more British factories to heat themselves through renewable resources and more importantly, they also comply with the Govt RHI Scheme.

MD Geoff Davies said "This gives our industrial clients a chance to join in the Renewables revolution, as many of our agricultural clients have already  taken full advantage of the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) scheme. We have been looking for some time for a way to help engineering and industrial customers to get back the resources they pay out on the Renewable Obligation and Feed in Tariffs included in their billing."  

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